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Emily Skoniecki (Co-Owner)

Emily, born and raised in Beverly, Ma, played field hockey, softball, cheered, and was captain of the gymnastics team while at BHS. She then went on to Endicott College, receiving a BA in Human Services. After college, Emily joined her local gym and quickly got bored with the individual machines. Intrigued by the dark lights, loud music, intensity, and sweat flying everywhere, she decided to give spinning a shot and has been hooked ever since. “It really brings back the feeling of being on a team, all working together to accomplish your goals, yet being able to use everyone around you as competition to push you along!” Emily’s classes offer a variety of music from old school to new school, from pop to rock, and she promises they will motivate you throughout the entire workout. “What I love most about spinning is the moment that you shut out the whole world and are able to get into your zone. It is truly the most therapeutic activity you can do for yourself and after the class you feel incredible. I am extremely passionate about this exercise and am so happy to be able to share it with all of you- hope to see you soon at The Inner Cycle!”  

Hillary Mandelbaum (Co-Owner)

Hillary has been a Beverly resident for most of her life. She has been spinning for 15 years but her teaching career began on The Inner Cycle stage. Hillary is a proud mother of 3! and a self-proclaimed "foodie" who loves to eat and supports establishments that utilize healthy, local, and sustainable practices. In her class you'll get a wide range of tunes from rock to EDM, maybe even a little jam band action, but always a good, hot sweaty ride!  
Kara Washburn

Kara came north to us from friendly Virginia! Her rides incorporate interval training with both cardio and strengthening drills to maximize the calorie burn while building strong and lean bodies. Each session allows you to challenge yourself differently and build each week on your own fitness level with sprints, runs, hills, jumps, and of course, killer arm routines to work the upper body and core. Her tunes will motivate you every pedal stroke of the way which include songs from every decade designed to make each drill fun and the class fly by.  

Alyssa Czarnecki-Duplissie

A North Shore native, Alyssa is a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University, where she received her BS in Sport Management and Global Masters in Business Administration. Currently she is pursuing a doctoral degree in Sport Management. In addition to working as an adjunct professor at Endicott College and Mount Ida College, she is working with Project Adventure out of Beverly, MA. Passionate for health, wellness, and education, Alyssa is an instructor of SPINNING and group fitness in and around the Greater Boston Area. While her class formats aim to improve muscular strength, endurance, and overall physical confidence, she too brings fun and excitement to all of her classes... and awesome playlists!  
Melissa Sherwood

Melissa was raised in Swampscott & currently lives in Marblehead. Melissa was an avid runner in high school & twenties until she had her first daughter and realized that not only was running & pushing a stroller not fun, it wasn’t practical. Her sister-in-law dragged her to her first spin class & she was hooked! "What I love about spinning is it gives you the best workout in the least amount of time, I am all about working smarter not harder!” Melissa has been teaching at various studios on the North Shore for over a decade & believes that every class should be better than the last. 8 years ago Melissa created “Core Spin” which teaches students to incorporate both upper body & abdominal muscles giving you a full body workout. In addition to teaching, Melissa has two daughters ages 12& 9 and has created “Melissa Sherwood Style” a service that helps active/elegant women dress from spin class to coffee, lunge to lunch!
Fae Morrissey

Fae has been in the fitness world for over twenty years beginning with her role as assistant to Master black belt, Sensei Joe Esposito in her hometown, Newton, MA. In 2007 she fell in love with indoor cycling following a knee injury. “It was like a light went on, I wanted to do it all the time!” Fae considers indoor cycle an artform, and she is the creator of Inner Cycle’s popular Cycle & Tone. Fae is a Star 3 instructor certified through Madd Dog Athletics, as well as an AFAA Certified Group Exercise Instructor. Fae loves the dark room and amazing sound system where students can lose themselves, and build the mind-body connection. She always has a new ride and prides herself on workouts that are effective for weight loss/maintenance but also seem to fly by. “The hardest part is getting to class, get there! I guarantee you’ll have a blast and love the way you feel.” Fae also has degrees in Management and History, loves yoga, and when she is not cycling she is a wife and mom of two small cutie pies.
Erica Kirwan

Erica grew up in Reading, spending many summers horseback riding on acres of wooded trails and catching rays on the beautiful beaches of the North Shore. After getting her city fix working in NYC and then Boston, this outdoorsy girl decided to leave the big city and Corporate America behind to start her own brand strategy firm on Cape Ann. "I've always been active, but in recent years exercise was becoming a chore at the gym. My job controlled my schedule in the city, so when I found a window of free time I had to take whatever class was at xx o'clock, which was hit or miss." When she stepped back and evaluated those classes, there was only one she truly looked forward to- spinning! With the lights low and music blaring, she'd get in the zone and experience that spin high. "I left each class feeling stronger than I was an hour before." Erica's rides are high energy and her playlists are full of the best music from favorites Michael Jackson & Madonna to DJs Tiesto & David Guetta. With the North Shore as her new playground and a better work-life balance, she's vowed to make exercise a daily priority and to make it enjoyable again, "because your health is everything and life's too short for boring workouts!"
Amie Kallelis

Amie works full-time as a Cat Scan Technologist and part-time enjoying her passion of all things fitness! A proud Marine Brat born in Mississippi, Amie traveled the South as a child before settling down on the North Shore. She’s got the Southern charm but with a no pain, no gain marine attitude! At a young age fitness became a passion and way of life. After breaking her ankle a few years back, spin became her primary form of exercise to get back in shape. Shedding weight and falling madly in love with all the benefits spin has to offer, she decided to get certified so she could bring the same beat thumping, heart pumping workouts to others that have become her release! Amie is thrilled to bring and incorporate her two loves, cycling and muscle conditioning to the IC!

Nancy Fuller

Nancy grew up in Southeastern, MA where she was a competitive dancer, and continued in college as a member of the UNH Dance/Theater Company. She has a BS in Nutritional Science and a Masters in Education. Nancy was a health educator in elementary schools for many years, but after her own kids were in school, she decided to start motivating adults. In her classes you'll hear big beats and lots of intensity to push your limits. Nancy lives in Newburyport with her husband and two children.

Matt Hooper

A North Shore native, you may remember him from Season 15 of NBC's The Biggest Loser where he lost 133 pounds! Matt spent 8 months competing to lose weight and that's where he fell in love with indoor cycling. Matt's motivation for being a contestant on the show was getting married and wanting to give the best version of himself to his wife. At 356 pounds, he didn't feel like he was making a promise he could keep. While competing, he spent 10 hours a week on a spin bike. Matt’s reason for naming spin his workout of choice: "When you're limited to how long you can workout, HOW you workout makes all the difference." He learned to spin from Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper, two of the toughest and most respected in the fitness industry. Matt’s class is all about the beat and challenging yourself. To Matt, spinning is much more mental than physical. "Leave it all in the lobby!"